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Adam Vogt

School of General Studies '24


Lily Kuhn
Board Editor

Barnard College '25

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Juliet Aze

School of General Studies '23


Rahele Megosha
Board Editor
Columbia College '25

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Barbara Cheng
Board Editor
School of General Studies '23

Hailee Olson Sapient.jpg

Hailee Olson
Board Editor
School of General Studies '23

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Isabella Dayani
Board Editor
School of General Studies '24

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Ana Reif
Board Editor
Columbia College '24


Emi Gaçaj
Board Editor
Columbia College '26

SBALL_RifenberickMadison (2).jpg

Madison Rifenberick
Board Editor
Columbia College '24


Professor Jill Shapiro, PhD

Sapient Faculty Advisor &

Director of Undergraduate Studies 

Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species (EBHS) at Columbia University

A special thank you to Kyle Bukhari,

E3B Director of Administration and Finance

Vol. 10, Spring 2023

Dear Reader,


On behalf of the Sapient editorial board, we are proud to share the 10th Volume of Sapient, Columbia University’s Undergraduate Journal of Biological Anthropology. This year’s volume features papers from a wide range of topics in biological anthropology as well as a vast body of visual artwork and poetry. All of these academic and creative works showcase the breadth of students’ interests as well as their various talents. We hope that you find the papers and creative works as intriguing and inspiring as we did.


After several years of uncertainty and adjustment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year we were able to increase our in-person activities. This year’s editorial board expanded, with several new and highly motivated members joining in the fall. We were impressed by the dedication and team spirit that this year’s editorial board brought to the journal and are excited to see what the future holds for this growing team. What brought everyone together was our common commitment and motivation to share these works with the wider community and make Volume 10 a rich, stimulating and creative publication.


One of us (Adam) will be continuing this work next year, along with the rest of the editorial board. The other (Juliet) is graduating, but is excited to see where Sapient ends up in the years to come. After this year of expansion and great team bonding, we are optimistic that the next year will bring even greater exposure to the journal and lead to further fascinating publications. To those reading, thank you for making our work worthwhile. We hope that you enjoy reading this volume as much as we enjoyed creating it.


Adam Vogt and Juliet Azé, Co-Editors-in-Chief

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